Most of my work (and all of my published work) has been in shared worlds. Some of these (like The Forgotten Realms) encompass scores if not hundreds of novels as well as other material; others (like Eberron) are new. Whichever the case, I always strive to make my books accessible to veterans and newcomers alike. After all, everyone has to start somewhere, right? Reading is supposed to be enjoyable, and if you feel like you don’t know what’s going on, how much can you enjoy a book?
Eberron is a new shared world, and thus it’s easy to catch up on the line. Imagine a fantasy world crossed with interwar Europe, and you’re pretty close. Battles and wars are not driven by lofty ideals like “good vs. evil” but rather by basic concepts like “us vs. them.” It looks as though I’ll be doing a lot of work here, and my stories will always carry over some Easter eggs from previous works.
Bound by Iron is a murder mystery featuring a jaded veteran of the Last War and an effervescent aspiring chronicler. You will find references to events from my previous two Eberron works. And a few other surprises. It releases in April 2007.  
Tales of the Last War featured my story “The Weight of Water.” It pits the main protagonists from my other two Eberron novels against each other. I strongly recommend you read this story before you read Bound by Iron, as the novel references these events. It makes no difference whether you read The Orb of Xoriat before or after this.
The Orb of Xoriat is a tale of adventure and intrigue surrounding a dangerous artifact gone missing. The main characters are a taciturn martial artist and an outgoing illusionist. For some reason, though, the servant and the mangy cat have turned out to be the fans’ favorite characters. Go figure.
The Forgotten Realms is an epic shared world, with God-only-knows-how-many books already in print and out of print. It looks like I won’t be coming back to revisit my works here any time soon, unless a good short story opportunity presents itself.
The Alabaster Staff is a story of theft, deceit, and betrayal set in a city under siege. The star is a young, idealistic street performer trapped in a secret war between powerful factions.
Realms of the Dragons features my story “First Flight,” a story of a wish come true... annoying as that can sometimes be.
Other Stuff belongs to neither of the above two worlds. Still, it was all published in one form or another.
Title Deleted for Security Reasons is a light-hearted heavy-handed romp through a tongue-in-cheek futuristic dystopia. Check it out or face summary execution. If there’s enough demand, I may publish an updated version. Visit the TDFSR page for more details. Out of print.
Aysle Be Back” and “Prelude / The Truth of the Matter” both appeared in a little-known book called Stormshooters and Troubleknights. The anthology was based on the concept of cross-dimensional conflict between Alpha Complex (from Title Deleted for Security Reasons) and other cosms. As it was involved in West End Games’ bankruptcy settlement and involved more than one intellectual property, I am not sure of its legal status. Since it’s long out of print, I may try to rekey the stories and post them. Once I know what’s going on.
Haley is an online novella I did for Privateer Press. Go read it. Rumor has it Privateer Press may actually publish it in one form or another, if they feel they have enough support.
The Steel Throne is an epic samurai fantasy opera, set in a large empire and spanning some twenty-odd years of warfare. It has ninja. It has spirits. It has a director’s cut. What more could you want? Out of print.

This book’s page also features an online story (a second one will be posted once I get the PDF done).
The Dragons of Magic featured my story “Dragon’s Paw.” It has a really powerful mage and a really powerful dragon. Anything else I say would spoil it. Out of print.
Shattered” is a dark science fiction story that appears in the anthology Shattered and Other Stories. You can bet I was happy to have the anthology named after my story (which also leads off the collection). The anthology was printed as a marketing product for the short-lived Shatterzone RPG. As such, it’s out of print.
Under the pen name Leo Eric Shepherd, I wrote “Live Ammo,” a short story set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Since it was for an online contest, I feared the story had been utterly lost when my hard drive crashed. Now, thanks to the able assistance of Steven Wilber, the text of this story has been recovered. I’ve placed it into a PDF for your reading pleasure. One excited fan said, “Great? It’s [expletive] visionary!” While that may not be true, I still think it’s worth a read. If someone wants to create a better link graphic than what I have to the left, please do.
I also did some 34 vignettes for Magi-Nation. I still have these files, and may post them soon.
“The Wind Blows also Softly” is another short story I wrote in Glorantha, a Bronze-Age shared world. I’ll have to see if I still have the file.