06 Jan 07: Rachel’s Science Fiction Story

Here is Rachel’s latest story. All grammar and punctuation remains hers.

Once I had a spaceship. I went where no spaceship went before. Then I saw aliens. I nearly fainted. After that, I zoomed back to earth as fast as I could. Then, I got my head on a platter. THE END.

So my lovely wife Sarah asked her why she’d gotten her head served up on a platter (she knows what it means). She said, “Because they didn’t believe me.”

22 Dec 06: Rachel’s First Story

As a writer, you can imagine that I get pretty excited when my daughter Rachel (age 6) starts to write. Here’s her first attempt, which shows why she’ll be in marketing. It’s not a story; it’s back-cover copy!

She was tasked with a writing assignment to write a story about the whale that ate the train. All grammar and punctuation remains hers.

The Whale That ate The Train. by Rachel Bolme.

Once upon a time in a world known to be far away the whales could go on land and Trains could go in whales’, mouths and all the crazy stuff like that. Now this book is about a whale named Jake. I hope You like this book as much as I liked writing it. Well Ta Ta!

16 Dec 06: Merry Christmas!

Here is a link to our 2006 Christmas letter. Some people think it’s funny.

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