ISBN: 0-7869-4264-9
Releases: April 2007

He was a decorated soldier thought to have died twenty years ago. But his body has washed ashore in Karrnath, unkempt, dressed in rags... and murdered. A rogue chronicler looking for success and an old friend looking for cold vengeance begin to unravel the soldier’s past, and with it, the future of Khorvaire.

The action in Bound by Iron travels through three key cities of Khorvaire. Cimozjen, an aging veteran of the Last War, and Minrah, a young writer looking for a big story, seek justice for the murder of one of Cimozjen’s former military comrades. But as they begin to unravel the past, they find that the mystery is larger and more insidious than a simple death.

Author’s Notes and Spoilers Below!

Recurring Characters

• Cimozjen appears in “The Weight of Water.” I recommend you read the short story before you read this novel.

The Galley Is Away!

Well, I just sent away the galley for Bound by Iron. And here's the frustrating thing: I read it. My editor read it. Three beta readers read it. A copyeditor and/or proofreader read it. And after ALL THAT, when I read through the galley, I found another 19 mistakes.

Hey, I know I can’t type, but I CAN spell...